VIKING SHIELD – Dual Certified

May 13, 2021


DUAL CERTIFIED For Technical Rescue/Extrication and Wildland Firefighting

Maximum Protection and Flexibility

VIKING SHIELD – Dual Certified For Technical Rescue/Extrication and Wildland Firefighting

Multi-purpose suit that lets you switch from handling technical rescue and extrication tasks to fighting wildland fires simply by changing the lining. Far from being a compromise, it provides all the ergonomic comfort and fit of top-of-the-line firefighting gear in either situation.

Firefighters need mobility and flexibility to meet the varied challenges of technical rescue/extrication and wildland firefighting. A whole new level of protection and breathable comfort lightens the load for long, hot active duty.

Snap into action

  • Modular system transforms you NFPA 1977-approved Wildland suit into an NFPA 1951 – approved technical rescue suit by snapping in a GORE SR moisture barrier on the same outer shell
  • Multi-purpose shell is crafted in lightweight SIGMA fabric specifically designed and certified for fighting wildland fires, and for technical rescue by Safety Components
  • Modern 3M® FR comfort trim adds to breathability while abrasion-resistant reinforcements at the knees ensure the durability
  • Includes real-life sizing instead of simple small-medium-large options, proving a tailored ergonomic fit for better mobility.

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