Dragon Fire Texan structural firefighting glove


Dragon Fire Glove’s structural firefighting glove with extended cuff.  This glove is certified by UL to NFPA 1971, Edition 2018.

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    Unique features:

    • Extreme dexterity with no sacrifice of protection
    • Glove refuses to harden or stiffen and remains soft / pliable after repeated use
    • Glove conforms and takes on unique hand signature of user after repeated use
    • Hand is effortlessly able to be inserted and removed when glove and or hand is wet or sweaty
    • Liner remains intact (no pull out) and is guaranteed
    • Critical palm and back of hand (greater knuckle region) have highest obtainable certification
    • TPP rating of greater than 60
    • All sizes and configurations in stock and ready to ship
    • Each pair packaged with versatile reusable utility bag and Velcro glove strap

    Vapor Barrier System:

    • Proprietary formulation specifically designed for the fire service
    • Welded seams (not glued)
    • Independent non-laminated barriers
    • Memory free performance
    • Superior liquid & chemical resistance
    • Independently tested and certified

    Kovenex P Thermal Liner:

    • A revolutionary fabric made Exclusively for Dragon Fire
    • Inherently heat and flame resistant blend of non-chemically treated fibers
    • Thermal, cut, and rip resistant
    • Independently tested and certified



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