F-500 EA “TKO” Nozzles

Excellent for:

• Firefighters for small, incipient fires and overhauls

• Power plant – Coal fires and wash down

• Small wood and paper fires

• Foundries, metal fabricators and steel plants

• Industrial Fire Brigades

• Car fires and fuel spills

• Maritime Applications

• Confined Spaces

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Turbo Knockdown and Overhaul (TKO) Nozzles are designed with a reservoir to carry concentrated F-500 Encapsulator Agent (EA) for rapid de- ployment on small Class A or B fires, or fuel spills. The addition of F-500 EA gives firefighters the advantage of faster knockdown as the F-500 EA rapidly cools the fuel and surrounding structures and encapsulates the fuel, render- ing it nonflammable and nonignitable. Compared to a fire extinguisher, the knockdown capability of the TKO Nozzle is tremendous due to the higher vol- ume of output.

The TKO Nozzles are the convenient solution to intermediate sized fires. De- ployment, with F-500 EA is instant, saving precious time. There’s no need to batch mix agent in the pumper or set up an eductor. A powerful firefighting tool using F-500 EA is ready to use after attaching the hose to any stand pipe or wall box, such as in a hotel, office building or factory. Need more F-500 EA? Simply unscrew the bottle and replace it in seconds, even while wearing gloves. After the fire, there’s no wasted fire suppression agent in 200 feet (60 m) of hose, because the F-500 EA came from the nozzle, not an eductor.

  • F-500 EA Rapidly Removes the Heat
  • Renders Fuel Nonflammable
  • Nozzles Provide Quick Knockdown- 75 or 130 liter/minute (20 and 35 gpm) Flow
  • Accurate Flow Control for Overhauls
  • Greatly Reduces Steam, Smoke and Toxins
  • Uses Less Water and AgentThe nozzles can be quickly adjusted to proportion 0.5 or 1% for Class A fires and 3% for polar or nonpolar Class B fires and hydrocarbon spills. The reservoir holds 1/2 gallon of concentrated F-500 EA and the nozzles output 75 or 130 liters/ minute (20 or 35 gpm) flow at 6 bar (87 psi). For a Class A fire proportioned at 0.5%, F-500 EA will provide 5 minutes of knockdown time. This is usually more than enough for most small fires and has proven to be successful fighting fully involved car fires due to the added capabilities of F-500 EA.The F-500 EA TKO Nozzles are excellent for high rise packs. The benefits of F-500 EA in a high rise fire can mean faster extin- guishment and less water damage. Unlike a fire extinguisher, which is useless once exhausted, the TKO Nozzles still have a back-up of plain water. For a Class B fire proportioned at 3%, the nozzle provides about a minute of F-500 EA. For any hy- drocarbon spill, the nozzle could totally encapsulate about 15 liters (4 gallons) of fuel. The remaining F-500/fuel solution would be completely nonflammable and nonignitable. For a larger spill, the reservoir could be refilled with F-500 EA and then applied to the remainder of the spill. Knockdown with F-500 EA is so quick, there is little concern of run-off into drains or streams, which would require diking.


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