F-500 Encapsulator Technology

F-500 is a multipurpose agent that makes firefighting more effective on a broad range of 3D Class A, Class B and Class D fires. F-500 has been shown to be especially effective at extinguishing the most challenging types of fires – structure fires, car fires, tire and rubber fires, industrial Class A and Class B fires; and at rapidly cooling and extinguishing Class D fires.

The benefits of F-500 are:

– Cooling and Exposure Protection
– Fuel Neutralization
– Explosive Vapour Reduction and Encapsulation
– Surface Tension Reduction
– Rapid Cooling
– Fuel Encapsulation and Neutralization
– Interrupts Free Radical Chain Reaction

F-500 is also non-corrosive, non-toxic, non-hazardous and biodegradable. F-500 EA is also an NFPA 18 A Encapsulating Agent and is manufactured in compliance with HCT’s ISO 9001 Quality System, which ensures customer and end user confidence in consistent reproducible, traceable and reliable quality processes form production to shipment 100% of the time.





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