Kore Kooler® Rehab Chair


Combat heat stress with active cooling. This cooling chair lowers body temperature through hand and forearm immersion. Combined with rest and hydration, hand and forearm immersion is an effective way for firefighters, athletes, construction workers, and anyone exerting themselves in the heat to lower the impact of heat stress on their health and safety.

The Kore Kooler Rehab Chair relies on direct skin contact with water through forearm immersion (each arm reservoir holds 2 gallons of water). After each use, remove the bags with the water they contain, insert new bags, and fill them with clean water. Use this cooling chair for general seating and relaxation by simply snapping in the armrest flaps that securely cover the water reservoirs.

How does forearm immersion work to relieve heat stress? Heat is transferred from your hotter arms/hands to the water in the reservoirs, and the cooled blood flows back throughout the body picking up more heat for subsequent removal. This approach works quickly to rehabilitate you from heat stress and minimizes the potential for continued core temperature rise, which commonly occurs after exertion in hot weather conditions.


Kore Kooler Rehab Chair (RH2001)

  • Seat height: 16"
  • Chair weight: 11 lb.
  • Weight limit: 300 lb.
  • Sling construction of chair provides a hammock effect for support and relaxation
  • Head cushion attached to back of chair
  • Patented forearm immersion arm reservoirs
  • Attached armrest flaps to cover water reservoirs when not in use
  • 1 year limited warranty


  • One Kore Kooler Chair
  • Vented carrying bag
  • Two Reservoir Bags


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