Spill Control -PLUG AND PATCH KITS – Kit AE (Standard Tools) & AE-NS (With Non-Sparking Tools)


The Series “AE” Hazmat Kit is a collection of over 40 common
components for emergency and temporary leak stoppage due to
punctures, gashes, cracks and surface rotting. Series “AE” Hazmat
Kit Contains: Sheet metal screws with neoprene compression seals.
Tubeless tire repair kit. OSHA-approved 200-foot roll of
barricade tape. One 8″ x 12″ piece of solid neoprene and one 22″
piece of foam material. Lead wool epoxy putty that hardens like
steel, hot or cold hose repair tape, basic tool set for patching,
twin “T” stainless plate with foam, an 8″ x 12″ stainless backed
neoprene patch-hardwood cribbing, two 22′ nylon straps and
buckles. Two “T” bolt crack patches for awkward-shaped breaks.
Six surface plugs for curved surfaces, wedged wooden plugs
covered with felt and 2 ball plugs. Carrying case included with
the purchase of this Hazmat kit. Ship. wt. 33 lbs.



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